Family Focus

I consult with members of families who have loved ones who are diagnosed with psychiatric conditions.  I believe that families are vital members of a treatment and recovery team.  I educate and guide family members in practices that they can implement to encourage best-care approaches that facilitate recovery for their loved one and for the family. I am available via phone and Skype consultations for family members’ convenience.

Families are often confused about how to best intervene when their loved one needs care.  Just as there are phases of treatment:  Crisis intervention, Stabilization, and Phases of Ongoing Recovery, there are various levels of intervention that can be utilized when someone has experienced a psychiatric/psychological crisis:  In order of severity:  Hospitalization, Short-term residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient Programs/Treatment (IOP), and Outpatient treatment.  

My experience comes from my work in short term residential treatment at Bridges to Recovery since 2007 where I am both treating primary psychotherapist and manager of their care. Management includes working with families and their “home” clinical teams, (or locating clinicians when necessary), to coordinate treatment once a person discharges from residential and moves onto the next phase of their recovery.  

I encourage a collaborative approach with all clinicians involved in a person’s treatment. I can provide referrals for clinicians in the Los Angeles area and elsewhere in the United States when needed.